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Preliminary Application form

1)  What quality does our company work with and how?

We prefer to work with sincere, warm, confident, dynamic, human-focused, fair people.

2) What does our company add to employees? What contribution does it make for development of employees?

It is the responsibility of the entire company to carry out the planning, application, competence determination, performance management and career planning studies in accordance with the scientific methods in order to plan and select the human resources that will enable the work to be carried out efficiently and efficiently in the company, to be selected, hired and recruited in service units, is valid for our employees and contributes to their development.

3) What are career goals?

There is a career plan for everyone in the company. After being included in the performance evaluation process, an appropriate action plan is prepared and applied according to the results obtained

4) What is our policy as human resources?

using human resources efficiently in the way of becoming a company that continue increasing the capacity of its pioneer position in information technology (IT) sector, fulfilling the expectations of its shareholder, Focusing on the quality of its employees, creating a customer-centric approach that driven by creativity of its employees, by appreciating employees, by being open to changes, by being leader in its field, by using its resources efficiently, by being sensitive to occupational health and safety.

5) What kind of evaluation process is passed after the application?

when all incoming applications are examined, interviews with candidates who are in accordance with their position competencies organize and pre-negotiations hold by human resources. the process is carried out by putting the candidates who are assertive in touch with the related department manager. As a result of all the interviews, after reference research for the candidates who have progressed positively, the job proposal will be made and the candidate’s orientation process will start the day when they starts to work.