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You just have to imagine, we will design it for you

Başkentliler Wood Profile Industry is producing on 3000 m² closed production area, 2500 m² stock area, 70 tons recycling silos and paying attention to worker safety and health. In addition, it has 3,500,000 meters a monthly production capacity with 6 production lines.

We produce the best with the latest technology …


We would like to inform you about our new PP lacquer white coverings when we apply FENDI Floor Skirtings. As a result of long Research & Development, “LAQUER” paint which is prepared in special ovens is applied to “POLYPROPYLENE” coverings. These coverings are are produced in digital control technological production lines. It is specially formulated, nature friendly and harmless to health.
(Raw materials used in the production of polypropylene are approved by the American Food and Drug Administration FDA). “SMART COATING” is used to to make a soft surface for this lacquer paint PP covering surface.
It is an nature friendly and high quality covering material that is respectful to nature. As it forms a barrier on the MDF surface, it prevents the release of any chemical gas in the MDF.
Moreover, in comparison with lacquer paints which are applied by normal methods they do not crack or warp over time. It is a high quality covering material that is more resistant and aesthetical. Sometimes detail changes everything

FENDI Floor Skirtings are always one step ahead ..

3000 m2 kapalı üretim sahası

2500 m2 stok alanı

70 ton geri dönüşüm silosu

Aylık 3.500.000 metre üretim kapasitesi


Başkentliler ahşap profil sanayi, 3000m² kapalı üretim sahası, 2500 m² stok alanı ve 70 ton geri dönüşüm silosu ile işçi güvenliğine ve sağlığına özen göstererek üretim yapmaktadır.
Ayrıca, 6 adet Üretim hattı ile aylık 3.500.000 metre üretim kapasitesine sahiptir